Friday, 5 February 2016

Avalon Nordic Women On Skis Event

Women on Skis

Avalon Nordic is proud to present "Women on Skis," a confidence and skill building workshop for women, on Sunday, March 6th 9AM-3PM, 2016.
The event includes on-snow instruction in both skate and classic technique, as well as lunch at the Fluvarium and motivational talks by Erin Cameron and T.A. Loeffler from MUN's School of Human Kinetics and Recreation.
If you'd like to get back on skis for the first time in years, or improve your technique, this is the workshop for you! Price, including lunch and two on-snow sessions with experienced instructors, just $50. Ski Rentals available at Outfitters and Pippy Park. Registration available now at Zone4.
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Friday, 29 January 2016

Want to make a difference? Triathlon Canada has a Vacant Director Position!

From Triathlon Canada/Tim Wilson: 

"As you aware, with the resignation of Mr Luc Landriault from the Triathlon Canada Board, a vacant Director position on the Board currently exists.

With this in mind, please find attached a Nomination Form for vacant Director position on the Triathlon Canada Board, for the period until the 2017 Triathlon Canada Annual General Meeting.

Completed Nomination Forms together with a copy of a current curriculum vitae (CV), duly endorsed by the relevant Provincial Sport Organisation for Triathlon, must be received by 5pm (PT) 12 February 2016.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me."

Yours in Triathlon
 Tim Wilson

Please send your nomination form and cv to for endorsement by Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Triathlon Canada has a New President

From Triathlon Canada:

Les Pereira Elected New President of Triathlon Canada
—Pereira to lead Board of Directors committed to shaping new era for triathlon in Canada—

VICTORIA—Les Pereira was elected President of Triathlon Canada’s Board of Directors at the organization’s recent quarterly meeting.

The President of Triathlon B.C. from 2008-2013, and a member of Triathlon Canada’s Board as a Director at Large since 2013, Pereira has played a key role in growing one of Canada’s fastest growing sports. The Richmond, B.C. resident brings all key leadership skills to his new position with the national body having touched all facets of the sport from the grassroots to elite level through a variety of volunteer positions.

 “Les Pereira is committed to excellence at the elite level, but also understands the importance of forging relationships with the provinces, clubs and members in all race categories across the country,” said Tim Wilson, chief executive officer, Triathlon Canada. “Les is a triathlete himself. He  understands what our athletes need to achieve excellence, but also has a keen understanding on what it will take to grow our participation numbers, and ultimately develop the nation’s next Olympic and Paralympic champion.”

Pereira has also served various roles on the Triathlon B.C. Board, and was the President of the Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club in Vancouver where he has helped shaped the development pathway for many young triathletes.

“Triathlon has a strong history and deep-rooted community across Canada, and I’m proud to carry the torch in our organization’s continued quest to create opportunities for Canadian athletes to excel on the world stage,” said Pereira. “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the staff and a Board of experienced professionals that is national in scope and representation. Their experience, strength and diversity of our Board will ensure a continued focus on athlete excellence and renewed growth and development of our sport nationally. We have a challenging time ahead of us, but with a talented and dedicated staff we have the people to do the job."

In his new role with Triathlon Canada, Pereira will lead a group of five committed Board members. Steve Harrigan (Ontario) will take over the role of treasurer. Directors include Sheila O’Kelly (Alberta), Paul Huyer (Ontario), Janice Turner (Newfoundland), along with athlete representative Brent McMahon (British Columbia). Triathlon Canada will also elect one more member to a vacant position on its Board in February.

Triathlon Canada is the governing body for triathlon in the country. Recognized as an Olympic medal sport since 2000 and Paralympic medal sport as of 2016, Triathlon Canada’s mandate is to promote, foster, organize and develop the sport of triathlon, and its related disciplines, in Canada. For more information on Triathlon Canada, please visit us at on the Internet.

Chris Dornan
Media and Public Relations
Triathlon Canada

Triathlon NL salutes Gerry Donovan

The triathlon community of Newfoundland and Labrador lost one of its pillars on January 19th 2016, with the passing of Gerry Donovan.

Gerry was an inspiration to anyone who has been fortunate to share a race course with him. A friend to all and a fierce competitor. He was a permanent fixture at most races in this province for the past 25 years.

It was his racing, training, volunteering and coaching, that helped develop triathlon in this province to the level it is at today. He was physically gifted, compassionate, and caring. We will all miss him, but as long as we look out for each other and continue to swim, bike and run, Gerry’s spirit will live on.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Media Release from Triathlon Canada- Peter Reid Welcomed into Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame

From Triathlon Canada

Peter Reid Welcomed into Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame
—Sport body honours one of Canada’s greatest long distance triathletes ever—

VICTORIA—Peter Reid will run his way into a place where he belongs – Triathlon Canada’s Hall of Fame – the governing body for the sport of triathlon announced on Monday.

One of the most accomplished and respected long distance triathletes in the world, the Montreal-born Reid is a winner of 10 Ironman Triathlons around the globe including three victories at the prestigious Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii (2003, 2000, 1998). He also was also a runner-up in Kona three times (2004, 2002, 1999) during his career that spanned nearly two decades.

“Peter Reid is a once in a generation athlete, and simply one of the greatest ever to hit a start line in a triathlon,” said Steve Harrigan, president, Triathlon Canada. “An exceptional Canadian both on and off the field of play, Peter defied all odds, overcame all barriers in front of him, and achieved legendary status in our sport. He deserves his place amongst many of the other Canadian triathlon greats, and we are thrilled to welcome him into this prestigious class of people in the Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame.”

Competing in his first triathlon in Quebec in the 1980s, Reid realized his body was more suited for long distance racing. He moved to Victoria to train full time, and was first introduced to Ironman Canada in 1989 in Penticton, B.C. By the mid 1990’s, Reid introduced himself to the world and was regularly seen on top of the international podium. He went on to become one of the most dominant Ironman athletes in the world where he compiled countless victories both with domestically at Ironman Canada events, and around the world.

Reid’s name will be inducted alongside Canada’s best including Simon Whitfield, Lisa Bentley, Heather Fuhr, Jo-Anne Ritchie when a ceremony is being planned for Montreal during the 2016 ITU Triathlon World Cup, August 6-7.

“Triathlon Canada has a long list of athletes who have had very successful careers racing on the international stage,” said Reid. “When I started triathlons in Quebec I was watching all of these great Canadians achieve success on television, and reading about them in magazines. To be inducted into Triathlon Canada’s Hall of Fame is a reminder to me that I too, was a part of a group that showed my fellow Canadian triathletes that we can achieve international success. I am so proud to be a part of this very strong group of incredible athletes.”

Reid officially retired from sport in 2006. He is now a float plane pilot on Canada’s west coast.

Triathlon Canada’s Hall of Fame recognizes and honours outstanding contributions and individual achievements of athletes, coaches and significant contributors/volunteers in the sport of Triathlon in Canada. The accomplishments of those individuals inducted into the Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame are considered exemplary and superior to the contributions and achievements of the majority of individuals within their field.

The Athletes and Builders inducted into Triathlon Canada's Hall of Fame represent the history and achievements of the sport of triathlon in Canada. The Hall of Fame members are diverse and exceptional individuals, with Long Distance Triathletes, Standard Distance Triathletes, Coaches, Race Directors and Executives all among the inductees.    
Triathlon Canada is the governing body for triathlon in the country. Recognized as an Olympic medal sport since 2000 and Paralympic medal sport as of 2016, Triathlon Canada’s mandate is to promote, foster, organize and develop the sport of triathlon, and its related disciplines, in Canada. For more information on Triathlon Canada, please visit us at on the Internet.

Chris Dornan
Media and Public Relations
Triathlon Canada

18 janvier 2016

Peter Reid intronisé au Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada
—L’organisme sportif honore l’un des plus grands triathlètes de longue distance canadien—

VICTORIA—Peter Reid prendra la place qui lui revient, en temps que membre du Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada, a annoncé l’organisme gouvernant le triathlon au pays lundi. 

L’un des triathlètes de longue distance les plus accomplis et les mieux respectés au monde, le montréalais d’origine a remporté l’épreuve de triathlon Ironman à dix reprises, y compris trois victoires aux prestigieux Championnats du monde Ironman disputés à Kona à Hawaii (2003, 2000, 1998).  Il a de plus été vice-champion à Kona à trois reprises (2004, 2002, 1999) durant sa carrière qui s’est étendue sur près de 20 ans.

« Peter Reid est le genre d’athlète qui ne se présente qu’une seule fois par génération et il est tout simplement l’un des meilleurs que le triathlon ait connu, » a dit Steve Harrigan, président de Triathlon Canada.  « Il est un canadien exceptionnel que ce soit sur le terrain ou en dehors.  Peter a su défier les obstacles devant lui et est devenu une légende de notre sport.  Il mérite sa place aux côtés des autres grands du triathlon canadien et nous sommes ravis de l’accueillir au Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada. » 

Participant à son premier triathlon au Québec dans les années 80, Reid a réalisé que son corps était plus adapté aux épreuves de longue distance.  Il est déménagé à Victoria pour s’entraîner à temps plein et a goûté à sa première compétition Ironman en 1989 à Penticton en Colombie-Britannique.  Au milieu des années 1990, Reid s’est fait connaître du monde entier et s’est régulièrement retrouvé sur la plus haute marche du podium international.  Il est devenu l’un des triathlètes Ironman les plus dominants au monde et il a accumulé plusieurs victoires aux évènements Ironman Canada et à travers le monde.   

Reid sera intronisé aux côtés des grands du Canada, y compris Simon Whitfield, Lisa Bentley, Heather Fuhr, Jo-Anne Ritchie lors d’une cérémonie prévue durant la Coupe du monde de triathlon ITU 2016 présentée à Montréal les 6 et 7 août prochains.

« Triathlon Canada a une longue liste d’athlètes qui ont connu des carrières internationales réussies », a dit Reid.  « Quand j’ai commencé le triathlon au Québec, je regardais ces formidables athlètes canadiens à la télévision et lisais sur eux dans des revues.  D’être intronisé au Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada me fait réaliser que j’ai aussi fait partie d’un groupe qui a indiqué aux autres triathlètes canadiens que nous pouvons avoir du succès international.  Je suis tellement fier de faire partie de ce groupe d’athlètes incroyables. »

Reid a pris sa retraite du sport en 2006.  Il pilote maintenant des hydravions sur la côte ouest canadienne.

Le Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada rend hommage et reconnaît les contributions exceptionnelles et les réalisations personnelles des athlètes, des entraîneurs, des contributeurs importants et des bénévoles pour le triathlon au Canada.  Les réalisations des individus intronisés au Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada sont jugées exemplaires et supérieures aux contributions et aux réalisations de la majorité des individus de leur domaine.  Les athlètes et les bâtisseurs membres du Temple de la renommée de Triathlon Canada représentent l’histoire et la réalisation du triathlon au Canada.  On compte parmi les membres intronisés au Temple de la renommée des individus diversifiés et exceptionnels tels que des triathlètes de longue distance, des triathlètes de distance standard, des entraîneurs, des directeurs de courses et des administrateurs.

Triathlon Canada est l’organisme directeur du triathlon au pays.  Le triathlon est reconnu comme sport olympique depuis l’an 2000 et sera prochainement reconnu comme sport paralympique lors des Jeux de 2016.  Le mandat de Triathlon Canada est de promouvoir, de cultiver, d’organiser et de développer le sport et ses disciplines connexes au Canada.  Pour plus d’informations à propos de Triathlon Canada, veuillez visiter sur l’internet.

Chris Dornan                                                 
Médias et relations publiques
Triathlon Canada                   
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