Friday, 9 August 2013

St.John's Tri

The rain did not hinder the triathletes on Sunday August 4th, as they faced the elements and took part in the
St.John's Triathlon. Triathlete Ryan Brown can be seen on the right as he gets caught in a "down pour"!

Below are a list of the top winners; individual results will be posted as soon as they become available.

Overall winners: 
Olympic Distance Male: 
1st Ryan Brown     2:09:00  
2nd Stephen Dyke 2:17:46
3rd  Steve May      2:20:05
Olympic Distance Female:
1st Michelle Young 2:28:46  
2nd Sherrie Myers  2:40:24
3rd Melanie Benson 2:46:10
Sprint Distance Male: 
1st Marty Whelan     1:08:25  
2nd Shawn Leroux   1:13:10
3rd  Thomas Martin  1:20:39
Sprint Distance Female:
1st Rebecca O'Leary 1:22:25  
2nd Emily McIlroy      1:24:04
3rd Kristy Hynes       1:24:59