Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Epic Dartmouth Triathlon

Note from Sue Rogers:

Local flavour, ironman distance, some choice, and free beer!

All of this and more is available in our backyard.  June 29th, 2014, will see the third annual Epic Dartmouth Triathlon.  This event has a full distance Iron option, a half marathon Epic option, a Terra with a full bike and run, and an Aqua with a swim and bike.  There is a kids event and a distance swim and 5/10k run associated as well.  Did I mention the free beer??

Last June we attended the second Epic Dartmouth.  I registered for the Iron and my training partner the Epic.  We were blown away by the professionalism of this event.  The race director himself called us a couple of weeks before to check on some details at one point!  The volunteers were amazing, the course stunning and challenging, and the water was warm.  There was some beer as well..and pizza.  The final finisher had fireworks shot off for them - no shortage of support for age group triathletes looking to go long!  We also loved the fact that you could choose what distance you completed while on the race course!  So going well - finish 140.6!  Not so good? Cut down your run, or even finish off the bike. 

Three NL triathletes were there last year.  Time to represent, my fellow rock racers, as this is a world long course qualifier as well.  Since NL showed ourselves well at ITU worlds in London, time to show what we can do over the long haul!

Look forward to seeing you there!