Monday, 2 June 2014

2014 TriNL Points Series

TriNL is pleased to introduce the new 2014 TriNL Points Series. Awards will be presented based on total points awarded, mainly for race participation, but also for race performance and volunteer work for TriNL and/or Triathlon Races.

To be eligible for the TriNL Points Series, the triathlete must be a current member in good standing of Triathlon NL.
Triathletes can earn points in 3 categories: 1) Participation, 2) Performance and 3) Volunteer Work. 

1. Participation
Completion of any of the following sanctioned TriNL events will earn the triathlete points. The location of the event determines the number of points awarded. 

  • Corner Brook:   200pts
  • Gander:            200pts
  • Paradise:         100pts
  • Stephenville:    200pts
  • St. John's:        100pts
2.  Performance 

Points for performance will be determined for each triathlete after every triathlon using the formula below: 

Points earned = (winning time / athlete's time) * 100

Performance points will be calculated for two categories:     
  1. Overall Points - at the end of the series, there will be an overall male and female total points winner.
  2. Age Group Points - at the end of the series, there will be an overall male and female total points winner in each of the following age-groups: 
  • 19 and under 
  • 20 to 29
  • 30 to 39
  • 40 to 49
  • 50 to 59
  • 60 to 69
  • 70 and over
3. Volunteer Work 

A one-time 100 points for volunteer work within 2014 will be awarded based on one only of the following categories:  
  1. Serving on the TriNL Board of Directors
  2. Serving on a TriNL Committee
  3. Serving as a TriNL-sanctioned Race Director 
  4. Volunteering at a TriNL-sanctioned Race (must be verified by Race Director and submitted to TriNL by athlete)  
When points for participation and performance are tallied, there will be:
  1. 2 Top Points Awards for the male and female with most overall points based on overall performance
  2. 14 Top Age Group Points Awards for the male and female in respective age-groups with most points in their respective age-group rankings.