Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beginner Cyclist Training Session

There will be a beginner cyclist training session organized by Chris Lee
this Saturday, June 7. It will be held at the Health Sciences Centre in the West staff parking lot. Some of the items that will be covered are:
  • One-on-one session with each rider to ensure they understand how their gearing and breaks work (as not all bikes are the same)
  • Practice starting and stopping with clipless pedals.
  • Practice clipping and unclipping using "other" foot
  • Stop and unclip on a line
  • Practice tight, slow speed 90deg turns. Left and right turns
  • Slow speed slalom
  • Practice shoulder checks (look over shoulder) while driving in a straight line
  • Practice left turn, right turn, and stop arm signals. Be able to signal a right turn with both left and right arms
  • Combine shoulder checks and turn signals into a fluid series of Check, Signal, Check.
  • Faster slalom and pot hole (emergency) avoidance
  • How to ride in a group setting
  • Group riding etiquette
  • Uphill and downhill riding technique
  • Any other questions you may have
The clinic will start at 9am and will take approximately 4hrs, depending on the number of people that sign up (which is being capped at 20). All participants must be current TriNL members. The cost of the clinic is $10 and can be paid Saturday morning. However, if you bring a friend who is a skilled cyclist, and is willing to help out, you can attend for free.
To register, please e-mail Christopher Lee and state your riding experience and what type of bike you ride i.e.: mountain, road, hybrid.