Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Points Series Awards Night

TriNL's Points Series Awards Night was held on Friday, September 26 at the Wedgewood Café. A great time was had by all thanks to organizer Amanda Hancock! 

Pictured to the right are (back left clockwise) Felix Marino, Gord Doman, Don Osmond, Will Duggan, Dwan Street, Flora Seymour & Sue Rodgers.

The following awards were presented by Head Coach Christiane Martin:

Two Top Points Awards for the male and female with most overall points based on overall performance at 2014 provincial triathlons presented to Sue Rodgers & Gord Dorman.

Fourteen Top Age Group Points Awards for the male and female in respective age-groups with most points in their respective age-group rankings at 2014 provincial triathlons. The age group winners were:

Top overall female: Sue Rodgers
Top overall male: Gord Domon

AG 0-19 female: Laura Pittman
AG 0-19 male: Felix Marino

AG 20-29 female: Megan Maloney
AG 20-29 male: Will Duggan

AG 30-39 female: Dwan Street Rodgers
AG 30-39 male: Pat Collins

AG 40-49 female: Sue Rodgers
AG 40-49 male: Aubrey Saunders

AG 50-59 female: Flora Seymour
AG 50-59 male: Gord Doman

AG 60-69 female: Linda Hensman
AG 60-69 male: Don Osmond

Congrats to all & thanks to Kristy Hynes for the pics!