Thursday, 5 May 2016

Disc brakes not allowed in any ITU Triathlon or multi-sport discipline in 2016

Hi all –

“For 2016, Disk brakes are not allowed in any ITU Triathlon or ITU Multi-sport discipline with the exception of PT1, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon and Winter Triathlon.”
Triathlon Canada adopts the ITU Competition Rules which are enforced at all national events. The following statement from Thanos Nikopoulos of the ITU to Triathlon Quebec echoes the position Triathlon Canada takes on local modification of rules:

“It is your decision on how you want to run the events under the Triathlon Quebec. I just need to point though, that at this moment they (disk brakes) are not allowed by UCI in any road event (the governing body of the cycling sport). In case of an accident and a legal case against you, you will have to prove why you chose to adapt to your own rules.”

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David Markham
Triathlon Canada – Technical and Events Director
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