Saturday, 10 September 2016

Still accepting Gerry Donovan Nominations

Triathlon season is wrapping up but there are still plenty of running races in the calendar! We would love it if you took a moment to think about a special person in the triathlon community in Newfoundland who has positively contributed to TriNL community this season (or in the past).
Please take a look at the following criteria for the nomination and drop us a line with your nomination. Email:

The Gerry Donovan Award recognizes a TRINL member who demonstrates an outstandingcontribution towards the sport of triathlon in Newfoundland and Labrador.The award acknowledges the passion, leadership, commitment, volunteerism andperformance displayed by Gerry as an athlete and a leader in the sport.
a) Athletic Contribution: Personal performance based primarily upon participation in a variety
of triathlon competitions.
b) Spirit and Passion: A nominee should foster a special spirit and passion for the sport as a
c) Leadership: A nominee should demonstrate a standard of leadership in building the sport
of triathlon on a local, regional or provincial level.
d) Volunteerism: A nominee should display a high level of volunteerism to the sport such as a
coach, organizer of cycling, running or swim groups.
e) Other: Any other special contribution made by a nominee to the sport of triathlon or it's
components at a local, provincial or national level.
f) The number of years a nominee has been involved in the sport of triathlon.
Send your nomination to including the following:

Contact Information Tel: (h) (c)
Nominated By: Name
Contact Information Tel: (h) (c)
Applications should contain (on separate copy in point form where feasible) a description of
the nominee's areas of merit
Areas of merit to be considered when selecting a recipient for the award are: