Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 Membership Registration Opens

It's time to sign up with TriNL for the 2018 triathlon year! Go here.

Membership in TriNL (and automatically in Triathlon Canada) helps us build the sport in our province in the form of event sanctioning and event equipment, coaching and official development, and youth development.

For your membership you receive:
  • Insurance coverage for your participation in sanctioned activities
  • Subscription to Triathlon Canada magazine
  • Eligibility to compete to represent Canada at World Age Group championships
  • Potential to access funding for junior development and competition
  • Access to coaching and officials courses
  • Discounts from provincial and national sponsors and partners
You must be a TriNL member to be eligible to compete for participation in 2019 Age Group Team Canada.

You must be a member of TriNL to participate in events and activities sanctioned by TriNL.

Check out our membership discounts for families with juniors, and for club members!

Your membership in TriNL and Triathlon Canada will be recognized in out-of-province sanctioned triathlon competitions instead of purchasing one-day memberships/permits.

TriNL has recently moved onto the National Triathlon Registration System (NTRS) for all membership, club, and event transactions - just in time for the 2018 season. This system integrates memberships across Canada.