2019 Open Water Swim Series Results Week Two

The start of the 1500m race

The second week of the 2019 Open Water Swim Series was a great success! The event began with the out of competition swim. Next, the Elite 1500m race was won by Jon Hare in 18:06 followed by Keith Barrett (20:24) and Ryan Brown (20:26). Melissa Tobin swam to first place in the 750m junior race with a time of 12:43! Megan Lafferty took 2nd place (13:15) followed by Jacob Upshall for 3rd (13:59). Arthur Rideout edged out Ron Tobin by five seconds in the 750m senior race with a time of 16:06. Jenny Harris was 3rd (17:20). Gwen Stacey was the top finisher in the 1500m junior race in 24:27. She was followed by Craig Ennis in 2nd (24:36) and Krista Wells in 3rd (24:51). Jason MacDonald took the top spot in the 1500m senior race with a time of 26:55. Kim Larouche (27:21) finished 2nd with Kim Davis 3rd (27:43).

Participants are awarded 50 points for a 1st place finish, 49 points for 2nd, 48 points for 3rd and so on. The best four out of six swims will count towards the final standings.

Current Top 3 in Standings:
Jon Hare (100)
Keith Barrett (98)
Ryan Brown (96)

750 JR
Megan Lafferty (99)
Jacob Upshall (97)
Melanie Culleton (94)

750 SR
Ron Tobin (92)
Arthur Rideout (92)
Jenny Harris (89)

1500 JR
Craig Ennis (99)
Krista Wells (97)
Stephanie Nevin (95)

1500 SR
Kim Davis (98)
Kim Larouche (97)
Heather Jacobs (91)

Full Results

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