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Pat Collins

How many triathlons did you do in 2017?
I raced three triathlons in NL and one in NB.

What is your favorite race distance?
It’s always been standard distance, but I’m getting more and more into the 70.3 distance.

What was your favorite race from the 2017 series?
My favourite race is Corner Brook. The course is quite fast on the bike and although the pond is ALWAYS cold, the swim course is shorter, so at least you’re out of the water sooner. I like that nearly the entire bike course is closed to vehicular traffic and the pavement is overall in fantastic shape. It’s scenic and the weather is usually warm. The run is fun too, and the race has great community support.

How did you become a triathlete?
Throughout my life I’ve done a lot of competitive sport, including 9 years on a swim team, distance running since elementary school, and bike racing from junior high through my university days, culminating with several seasons racing as a pro at a national level in mountain biking. It was only natural that I then string these all together and give triathlon a shot.

What is your favorite post-race meal?
My friends will all know that my favourite post-race meal is potato chips! I try to tell myself it’s just the salt craving, but the truth is, I’m a chip-aholic!

What is your favorite thing about triathlon?
It’s difficult to pin it down to one thing. There is a small but great, supportive community built up in NL triathlon and it’s fun to travel and see people every summer. A major component of it is the personal challenge and the enjoyment of suffering in training and racing. Of course, there is the technical challenge that comes when you combine three tough sports into a single race!

Most memorable triathlon related moment (ie during training or race or while at a venue or expo)?
Racing at ITU World Championships in 2016 in Cozumel, Mexico was a phenomenal experience. Although I raced at Worlds the year before in Chicago against the backdrop of a beautiful downtown, racing in Cozumel in a very underdeveloped, natural environment was an experience of a lifetime. The venue and course were both world class and although the heat was staggering, it still added to the toughness and resulting satisfaction of a well-earned 11th place. I was in the zone for a good bit of the race, and whenever you can hit that mental zone you’re laughing!

How do you keep the balance between training and everyday life?
It’s a constant battle of prioritization and compromise. I have an incredibly understanding and supportive partner and she’s behind me all the way. We work together to make sure there is food ready for us to eat and we share our tasks to keep the house operating, which keeps us both happy and unstressed. It takes a lot of good communication and patience and it also takes humility – at the end of the day, I’m very lucky to be able to afford the time to work and train and travel and if I ever forget that privilege I might as well stop.

Who is your favorite triathlete?
I like Javier Gomez and Lionel Saunders pretty equally on the men’s side and Holly Lawrence on the women’s side. I like them because they also exhibit humility and do not appear to have big egos, they’re hard working, quiet and all business on the course – they’re respectful of their fellow athletes. I like that Saunders will reply back and forth to comments from his fans on Instagram like any ordinary Joe.

Stephanie Nevin

What was your favorite race from the 2017 series?
Corner Brook Triathlon was the perfect excuse for a road trip, and a super fun event!

How did you become a triathlete?
After watching the St. John’s Triathlon one year I vowed I would learn how to swim and participate the next year!

What is your favorite post-race meal?
Coffee and treats.

What is your favorite thing about triathlon?
I love the atmosphere during races. The positive energy is contagious.

What keeps you motivated?
I’m motivated by new challenges. There’s always room for new personal accomplishment in triathlon.

Most memorable triathlon related moment?
Finishing my first open water swim during the Carbonear Triathlon.

How do you keep the balance between training and everyday life?
Training with friends and making the workouts a social event.

Who is your favorite triathlete?
Lionel Saunders is always pushing himself to the extreme. He’s got the strongest mental game out there!

Favorite/go to work out?
Solo bike time trials!

Favorite race nutrition?
Strawberry marshmallows.

Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador. We can. We will.


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