Canada Games 2021 Kick-Off

The 2021 Canada Summers Games in Niagara are only 21 months away. Triathlon NL is kicking off identifying and developing a provincial team to compete in those games. We have been tracking young athletes and their results for the last two years. It’s now time to identify who is interested in triathlon and begin working to develop their capabilities.

The first step is to ask interested athletes to complete an Athlete Information form and submit it to our provincial coaches Stephanie Nevin and Will Duggan. Please see the links below for the communication from our coaches and the form to be completed. If you are interested, please complete and return this form by December 7th.

Triathlon is also a sport at this year’s NL Summer Games in August. Triathlon NL will be recruiting athletes to represent their regions and compete in Bay Roberts. There is also an opportunity and a need for parents to participate in the Games as coaches or managers of regional teams. Please watch for more information!

We’re looking forward to your participation in triathlon over the next two years.

Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador. We can. We will.


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