Coaches and Officials

Sport excellence starts with great coaches and officials

Coaches and technical officials are essential to the conduct and development of triathlon. Athletes of all levels rely on coaching guidance and support to develop their potential and avoid injury. Effective officiating at competitions and events helps ensure safety, and supports the fairness of competition.


How to become a coach

Triathlon Canada is currently revamping the triathlon coaching requirements in cooperation with the Coaching Association of Canada. TriNL will post the updated information about training pathways, courses, and other requirements here as soon as it becomes available.

There are two basic classifications of coaches: Community and Competition. Community Coaches typically work with newcomers to the sport. Competition Coaches work with athletes aiming at provincial, national, and international competition levels.

Community Sport Coach

If you’re thinking of becoming qualified as a Community Sport Coach, then you may already coach at the community level or be interested in doing so. Often, you’re a parent whose child is involved in sport, or a volunteer who works with participants of all ages that are new to the sport. There are two levels of workshops for Community Sport Coaches: youth and adult participation.

Competition Coach

Coaches in the competition stream usually have previous coaching experience or are former athletes in triathlon. They tend to work with athletes over the long term to improve performance, often in preparation for provincial, national, and international competitions. There are three education streams for Competition Coaches: introduction, development and high-performance.

Many requirements and courses for both coaching streams are generic to all coaching development programs and are available locally or online through SportNL and other agencies. Course information and scheduling is available at

TriNL will help arrange your participation in triathlon specific courses as they become available.

Certification levels

Triathlon Canada has defined two levels of coaches with certification broken down into several streams.

Community Sport Coach

  1. Youth Participation
  2. Adult Participation

Competition Coaches

  1. Introduction Stream: Works with young athletes or adult age-group athletes who train on a consistent basis, often under the sponsorship of a club.
  2. Development Stream: Works with young and elite athletes who are committed to the sport of triathlon and are in full-time training programs towards achieving continual performance improvement. Completion of the introductory stream is a prerequisite. This level is required for coaching at competitions such as the Canada Summer Games.

High Performance Stream: Works with elite athletes aiming at international and Olympic competition. Completion of the development stream is a prerequisite.

Course information and scheduling is available at

Triathlon specific coaching courses

Definition of these courses and schedules are not yet available. TriNL will list this information here when it becomes available.


What is a Technical Official?

If you are knowledgeable about the sport and competition rules of triathlon and you have strong communications and observational skills, consider becoming a technical official. Technical officials ensure that an event is safe and fair for all competitors. They have a range of roles and responsibilities based on their level of certification.

Technical officials are in charge of the conduct of competitions at local, provincial, national, and international events, depending on their level of certification and experience. TriNL is currently trying to develop officials for local triathlon competitions and hosting national competitions such as the Canada Summer Games.

All coaches are required to complete the Level 1 Official Course. Level 1 is also recommended for anyone planning to serve as a race director for an event.

To become a technical official please directly.

Official development path

The development path for officials begins with a Level 1 Course. TriNL intends to hold Level 1 Courses every year.

Official Development Path

Provincial Technical Official 1: A race official capable of reporting and enforcing rule infractions, usually employed as an assistant to the head official at a local or provincial event. A level 1 official is mentored by higher level officials and will be subject to an evaluation process.

Provincial Technical Official 2: Works at provincial level events in roles such as Technical Delegate, Head Official, and Sector Lead, and can present the level 1 course. Level 2 requires participation in a level 2 course and passing an evaluation/mentorship process.

National Triathlon Official (Mentoring) 3: Works at national and international events as head official, sector lead, or official under the mentorship of a full NTO official, and can present both level 1 and level 2 courses.

National Triathlon Official: Works at national and international events in all roles, presents level 1 and level 2 courses, and may be assigned to mentor level 3 NTOs.

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