Mad Moto 2023

Thanks to TrainForTri for looking after the swim segment!

Mad Moto 2023 will build on last year’s inaugural event, and get everyone in the mood for a season of races!

Date: Sunday, July 9

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Created by TriBC as a training activity for their athlete development program, for Triathlon NL it will also serve as a warmup to what we hope is a full summer season of racing, and an intro to competition for those who have discovered triathlon in the last couple of years.

A Mad Moto is conducted on a really short course; ours will be a 150 meter swim, 2.5 km bike, and a 1 km run. Athletes will race in waves of 12, with each wave completing before the next wave starts.

A short, compact course concentrates on developing experience and technique in each aspect of triathlon (swim, bike, run, and transition) without the additional element of endurance. Coaches can easily observe each element of an athlete’s effort and provide feedback. We are encouraging club athletes to have their coaches at the event for such observations.

TriathlonNL Swim Cap

Waves will start every half hour, and a final wave for the top 6 male and female results of the day to declare a champion (depending on numbers). We have a cap of only 84 participants, so be sure to sign up before it is too late! And there will be prizes/awards! Everyone will receive a high-quality TriNL swim cap, and there will be prizes for wave winners and the overall winners.

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • Practice technique
  • Gain experience
  • Intro to triathlon
  • Low numbers in swim and bike
  • Endurance not a factor
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Return to competition
  • Warmup for the racing season!

Register Here! (For athletes, officials, volunteers, and safety personnel)

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Bike Course:


Run Course:


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