Pat Collins and Kim Larouche Win 2018 Paradise Triathlon


The 2018 BodyQuest Paradise Triathlon took place August 26th. Some 80 competitors participated in the Sprint, Team Sprint and Canada Games scouting race.

Pat Collins captured victory completing the course in 1:04:06. Tyler Cole (pictured on left) finished second in 1:05:53 followed by Stephen Dyke third in 1:07:49.

Kim Larouche won the ladies race with a time of 1:23:14. Miki Lee was second in 1:24:34 followed by Courtney King third in 1:26:26.

Team KMB (Keith Barrett, Marc Saunders, Andrew Bruce) won the team sprint in 1:03:57.

Miguel Pond won the Canada Games race in 36:02. Carson Kenny (pictured on right) finished second with a time of 37:43 followed by Noah Coombs third in 39:33.

Jenni Simpson was the top female in the Canada Games race completing the course in 40:01. Followed by Mya Jane Kelly second 43:36 and Li-Anna Penney third 58:03.

Paradise Tri 2018 Results



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