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Participation and performance

Point Series

To be eligible for the TriNL Points Series, a triathlete must be a current annual member in good standing with TriNL. Triathletes can earn points in 2 categories: Participation and Performance.

Participation Points

Completion of any of the following sanctioned TriNL events will earn the triathlete points. The location of the event determines the number of points awarded.

  • 200pts: Carbonear Sprint Triathlon
  • 200pts: Corner Brook Strides Triathlon
  • 200pts: Corner Brook Sprint or Standard Triathlon
  • 100pts: Paradise Sprint or Standard Triathlon
  • 100pts: John’s Sprint or Standard Triathlon
  • 200pts: Gander Sprint or Standard Triathlon
Performance Points

Points for performance will be determined for each triathlete after every triathlon using the formula below:

Points Earned = (Racer Final Time / Winner Final Time) x 100

Performance points will be calculated for two categories:

  1. Overall Points – calculated based on overall times for men and overall times for women.
  2. Age Group Points – calculated on times within age group for men, and times within age group for women, in each of the following age-groups:
  • 19 and under
  • 20 to 29
  • 30 to 39
  • 40 to 49
  • 50 to 59
  • 60 & over


When points for participation and performance are combined, there will be:

  • 2 Top Points Awards for the male and female with most overall points based on overall performance.
  • 12 Top Age Group Points Awards for the male and female in respective age-groups with most points in their respective age-group rankings.

For a profile of the overall male and female winners from 2017, click here.

2017 Point Series Results

TriNL presented the point series awards for the 2017 season at the End-of-Season social event on November 11, held at Quidi Vidi Brewery. Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

Overall Female

  1. Stephanie Nevin
  2. Anna Linegar
  3. Valerie Piercey

Overall Male

  1. Pat Collins
  2. Ethan Piercey
  3. Will Duggan

Female U-19

  1. Marcella Whelan
  2. Marie Flanagan

Male U-19

  1. Ethan Piercey
  2. Joshua Mack
  3. Dylan Morawski

Female 20-29

  1. Stephanie Nevin
  2. Tara Power
  3. Olivia Smith

Male 20-29

  1. Will Duggan
  2. Graham Soper
  3. Thomas Quinn

Female 30-39

  1. Anna Linegar
  2. Valerie Piercey
  3. Caitlin Urquhart

Male 30-39

  1. Pat Collins
  2. Colin Hayes
  3. Michael Noseworthy

Female 40-49

  1. Stephanie Porter
  2. Caroline Muselet
  3. Sarah Haeberle

Male 40-49

  1. Jason Whelan
  2. Richard Martin
  3. Sean Farrell

Female 50-59

  1. Rosie Chidley
  2. Christiane Martin
  3. Mary Tilley

Male 50-59

  1. Ray Baird
  2. Paul White
  3. Darryl Parry

Female 60-65

  1. Yvonne Martin

Male 60-65

  1. David Cooper
  2. Stephen Delaney

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