Ryan Brown Earns Ticket to Ironman World Championship Race in Kona, Hawaii

Ryan competed in Ironman Mont Tremblant this weekend and finished second in his age group with a time of 9:14:07.  He was 4th amateur out of a field of more than 2200 athletes.

Ryan has been competing in Ironman for several years now in pursuit of a ticket to the world championship race in Kona, Hawaii.  Ryan has come very close each time he’s tried, however, this race was different.  Ryan’s little sister Cori passed away suddenly this year.  She was one of his biggest supporters and she never missed one of his races.  Ryan found inspiration in a note she had sent him folllowing his last Ironman race in late 2017 in Los Cabos.  Once again, Ryan came very close to qualifying for Kona and she wrote saying how proud of him she was for his dedication and that he was her inspiration and motivation.  She told him she didn’t want him to stop trying until he qualified for Kona.

Ryan found new inspiration and motivation in Cori’s note.  He prepared for Mont Tremblant Ironman in honour of his little sister and this weekend he qualified for Kona.  He will take his place on the start line this October in honor of his sister Cori.

Congratulations Ryan on an amazing performance this weekend and good luck in Kona.

Mont Tremblant Results

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