Sanctioned Clubs

Clubs are a focus for local triathlon activities, including group training sessions. TriNL promotes clubs as a primary resource for anyone interested in learning about and improving in triathlon. All club members are members of TriNL and Triathlon Canada and are covered by liability insurance for sanctioned club activities. TriNL clubs must have an NCCP certified coach or a coach in training.

Club members receive a $5 discount on TriNL memberships.


Region: Avalon
President: Jeff Pawley
Coaches: Jeff Pawley, Paul Moores




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TriAvalon Club developed from a social network of triathletes in and around the St. John’s area who wanted to have a place to share information and to continue their connections made through various tri training programs. It became TriAvalon Club to provide a focus for triathletes and will continue to improve with the help and input of its membership.  Our Mission is to provide a fun, safe environment for new through experienced triathletes to connect, learn and share their knowledge in the Avalon region.

ROCK Racing Triathlon Club

Region: Avalon
President: Jason Pretty
Coaches: Jason Pretty


ROCK Racing Triathlon Club (RRTC) is a triathlon club based in St. John’s, NL. The club and its activities are focused towards intermediate and advanced triathletes looking to participate and compete in middle and long distance triathlons, including 70.3 and Ironman. We provide weekly group training sessions lead by experienced and certified coaches.  We are passionate about the sport of triathlon and want to see our members thrive and succeed. We also provide personalized coaching for those looking for an individual and customized training experience to help them meet their individual goals.

Sanctioning Club Workouts

Workout Sanctioning Guidelines
  • Please note that to sanction and insure your club workouts, your club must be sanctioned for the upcoming year. You are welcome to complete the sanctioning form at any time, however club activities will only be approved once club sanctioning is complete.
  • Only club workouts with participation limited to club members and prospective club members can be sanctioned using this form. Activities open to non-club members must be sanctioned according to the online sanctioning process in the NTRS system.
  • All sanctioned club workouts must meet the TriNL requirements listed below. If in doubt, contact for assistance.
  • Sanctioning of a club workout provides liability insurance coverage for the venue and all participants involved in the workout. If a certificate of insurance is required for the workout, use the Additional Insured Request Form.
Workout Sanctioning Requirements

TriNL requirements for sanctioned club workouts are as follows:

  • All club workouts must be run and controlled by a sanctioned club
  • Club workouts are provided primarily to club members as part of a club membership. Prospective club members may attend a limited number of workouts, but must be TriNL members to do so.
  • The coach in charge must be NCCP Community Trained (Triathlon) or higher (or “in-training”), a current TriNL member, and identified with TriNL as a coach with the club. Guest coaches may be used for workouts, but a club coach must be present and in charge.
  • If minor athletes (age <18) are to be present, the coach in charge must have a current criminal background check with Vulnerable Sector Screening on file with TriNL
  • An Event Emergency Plan must be completed, and be present for each workout
  • A first aid kit appropriate to the workout and location must be present and accessible
  • All athletes attending, including prospective club members, must be TriNL members (members of sanctioned clubs are required to be TriNL members)
  • The workout sanctioning form must be submitted to and approved by TriNL
  • Club Workout Sanction Form
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