Triathlon Canada Announces Position on Supplement Use

Triathlon Canada recently published a statement on their position on supplement use. The definition of a supplement is often debated amongst various groups in the athletic community. Triathlon Canada has sought to distinguish between the various forms of supplementation including sport foods, medication, health supplements, and ergogenic acids.

Their position states that no amount of supplementation can replace good food choices, appropriate meal planning, and adequately scheduled rest and recovery. However, before taking a supplement they advise athletes to ensure that it is from a safe and reliable source. All athletes are held strictly liable even when a positive test is due to inadvertent contamination.

Triathlon Canada has developed four fundamental principles surrounding supplementation. No Triathlon Canada directed funding given to National Performance Centers, Enhanced Funding/Initiatives and Next Gen/Initiatives may be used to purchase supplements of any kind. They believe that supplementation should only be used under professional guidance after all other areas of performance have been maximized. However, they recognize that supplements may be beneficial in treating certain medical diagnoses and nutritional deficiencies under the proper guidance of a physician and registered dietician. Lastly, their new policy states that except for sports foods, junior athletes should not utilize supplements without medical and nutritional consultation and parent guardian consent.

The full article can be viewed at the link below.


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