Triathlon Canada Position Statement on Bike Technology

As a result of the wide array of technologies available on the market, Triathlon Canada has created the following set of guidelines on suitable selection of bike technologies at the various levels of athlete development. The purpose of their position is to emphasize the importance of physical, tactical and technical development over technological advantage in the developmental stages of an athlete’s career.

These guidelines may be helpful to athletes, parents and coaches when choosing new equipment.

LTAD: Fundamentals and Learning to Train stages of development (up to Youth)
INTRODUCTION: Non-competitive and entry-competitive levels (up to Youth)
• The simplest bike and components that introduce the athlete to the position, handling and use of draft legal technology is all that is required.
• Good fit is the critical element. Two to three basic bikes that fit over a three-year span is better than a top line bike that an athlete will grow into.

YOUTH – JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT: Early-mid competitive levels; Provincial Championship to Junior National Championships
LTAD: Training to Train and the initial stages of Training to Compete stages of development
• Athletes should be encouraged to continue using racing bikes focused on good fit, reliable group sets and durable race wheels.
• Introduction of technology should be limited to and aligned with the athlete’s ability to skillfully maintain the technological products with minimal input from parents, coaches or mechanics.

ELITE: Later competitive levels
LTAD: Training to Train and the initial stages of Training to Compete stages of development
• Technology should be chosen based on performance and not sponsorship.
• Athletes should continue to choose equipment based on evidence-based performance impact.

To view the full position statement and complete list of guidelines click on the link below.

Triathlon Canada Position Statement Bike Tech

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