Indoor Triathlon Results!

The inaugural Indoor Triathlon School Championships and adult Indoor Triathlon were held this morning at the MUN Pool & Field House. St. Paul’s Junior High walked away with the Junior Championship while Holy Heart of Mary and St. Bonaventure’s tied for the Senior Championship title.

Individual winners in each category were:

Junior Girls

  1. Abby Andrews, St. Paul’s Junior High
  2. Sarah Turner, Villanova Junior High
  3. Maeve DeCoste, St. Paul’s Junior High & Ella Duffett, Macdonald Drive Junior High

Junior Boys

  1. Roughan Gaetz, Macdonald Drive Junior High
  2. Alex Chislett, St. Paul’s Junior High
  3. Rylan Andrews, Holy Spirit High

Senior Girls

  1. Marcella Whelan, Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
  2. Heidi Perry, Corner Brook High
  3. Anna Rowe, St. Bonaventure’s

Senior Boys

  1. Matthew Whelan, St. Bonaventure’s
  2. Cormac Bull, Gonzaga
  3. Max Kelly, Gonzaga

Adult Women

  1. Melanie Culleton
  2. Andrea Duguid
  3. Rebecca Hobbs

Adult Men

  1. Iakov Afanassiev
  2. Daniel Fuller
  3. Sean Farrell

Triathlon NL would like to congratulate all participants. Also a big thank you to the 40 volunteers who helped make this event happen, and the Works and staff for being wonderful hosts.

Complete results can be found here: Indoor Triathlon Results 2019

Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador. We can. We will.


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