New Web Site & Branding

TriNL Unveils new web site, logo, and branding at AGM

April 21, St. John’s—Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador unveiled their new branding, logo, and website at their annual general meeting held today in St. John’s.

The new look is the result of TriNL engaging with Triathlon Canada’s rebranding initiative to promote the sport in Canada. Investments by both TriNL and Triathlon Canada supported the exercise. Go to to appreciate the full breadth of the effort and see the new site.

Newly elected TriNL president Amy Henderson welcomed the new site: “We had been looking to revamp our old site for a more modern look and functional appeal. Triathlon Canada’s rebranding initiative came along at just the right time, and has saved us a lot of money and effort as well.”

The new site embraces the style and format of Triathlon Canada’s own website and those other provincial associations which have already engaged in the program – providing a standard look and feel for the sport across the country.

Henderson added: “Building the new site focused our attention on the information we really needed available for our partners, members, and potential members. The platform comes with tools which will allow us to maintain the site more easily.”

The rebranding and website is part of a larger make-over by TriNL this past year which includes the move of many organizational functions to the National Triathlon Registration System (NTRS) for membership, event, and club registration.

Triathlon Newfoundland and Labrador. We can. We will.


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