Splash n Dash 10th Anniversary Swim and Run Results

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Splash and Dash held a special swim and run event at Octagon Pond on Friday, August 2nd. This event included three races: a long distance 4k swim, a team event (1500m swim and 4k run) and a non-timed team event (750m swim and 4k run).

Jon Hare won the 4k swim with a time of 48:52 followed by Keith Barrett in 2nd (57:42) and Liam O’Brien in 3rd (1:01:23). The top female finisher and fourth overall was Emilie Geissinger with a time of 1:01:25 followed by Miki Lee 2nd female (1:14:48) and Kate Bisnare 3rd female (1:15:27).

Jesse Cheng and Robert Jobling won the team swim run event completing the 1500m swim and 4k run segments in 21:34 and 14:37, respectively for a total time of 36:11. The 2nd place team was Joanne Budgell and Janelle Simmons (38:05) followed by Julianna Marshall and Todd Puddicombe (38:13).

Anniversary Swim and Run Results

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